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Swine Industry Performance Report

January-December 2014

As of January 1, 2015, the country's total swine inventory reached almost 12.00 million heads. This was 1.68 percent higher than last year's inventory of 11.80 million heads. Stocks in backyard farms went up by 1.64 percent. Likewise, stocks in commercial farms grew by 1.75 percent against the 2014 level. About 65 percent of the total stocks were raised in backyard farms and 35 percent were in commercial farms.

In 2014, total hog production was 2,032.30 thousand metric tons liveweight. It was 1.00 percent higher than last year's level of 2,012.17 thousand metric tons liveweight.

Prices at all trade levels registered increases in 2014 compared with prices in the same period in 2013. Annual average farmgate price per kilogram of live hogs went up by 4.75 percent. Wholesale price per kilogram grew by 5.65 percent. Retail price per kilogram of pork in Metro Manila increased by 8.29 percent.