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Monthly Regional Agricultural Situation Report


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  • In Ubay, Bohol, hybrid seeds namely Bigante- 280 packs (5kgs/pack), Syngenta NK 6401- 30 packs (5 kgs/pack) and TH82 - 10 packs (3 kgs/bag) were planted for this cropping season.
  • In Garcia Hernandez, Bohol, about 304 bags of SL8H and 60 bags of certified seeds (36 bags of RC 18, 5 bags of RC 216, and 19 bags of NSIC 212) were planted for this cropping season.
  • In Negros Oriental, land preparation and planting in rainfed and upland palay farms were in progress. There was sufficient water brought about by frequent rains towards the end part of the month. Sugarcane, coconut, bananas and fruit trees were growing well.
  • In Barangays Jilabangan and Tambulan, Tayasan, Negros Oriental, about 80 hectares of irrigated palay farms were not planted due to damaged irrigation canal.
  • In Siquijor, about 24 hectares of irrigated palay farms in the municipalities of Larena and Enrique Villanueva were not planted due to insufficient irrigation. Land preparation of rainfed palay areas was on-going. Sufficient water was noted.
  • In Siquijor, total area harvested for corn was estimated at 1,446 hectares of which 1,424 were white corn and 22 hectares were yellow corn. Planting was also undertaken during the period with a total area of 258 hectares.
  • In Negros Oriental, livestock and poultry were affected by minor cases of respiratory diseases that were typical during rainy season.
  • In Siquijor, hogs, goat, cattle and chicken (native/Improved) were continuously shipped to Bohol and Cebu.
  • Still in Siquijor, egg production cannot meet the province's demand in spite of the existence of three (3) commercial raisers producing chicken eggs. The deficit was supplied by Cebu and Negros Oriental.
  • In Canigaan, Loon, Bohol, about 0.02 hectare of fishpen was built.
  • In Negros Oriental, lower volume of fish catch was brought about by rough seas in the coastal barangays.
  • In eastern part of Siquijor, giant squid and blue marlin were continuously shipped to Cebu City while excess catch of needle fish was also shipped to Tagbilaran City.
  • Still in Siquijor, daily shipment of caulerpa and sea urchin for Dumaguete City was regularly undertaken by traders.
  • In Bohol, unloadings of Indian sardines from commercial fishing boats were abundant with retail price at of P60.00-P70.00 per kilogram.
  • In Bohol, prices per kilogram of okra and bell pepper went down from P20.00 and P50.00 to P15.00 and P40.00, respectively. Farmgate price per kilogram of ginger increased by P5.00. Medium-sized chicken egg price decreased from P6.00 in the previous months to P5.50 per piece. Prices of tomato and mongo went down to P25.00-P30.00 and P60.00-P70.00 per kilogram, respectively. There was abundant supply. Price per kilogram of low grade abaca fiber went down from P27.00 to P25.00 because of low demand.
  • In Carbon Market, Cebu, imported carrots from China arrived. Wholesale selling prices per kilogram of sweet pepper and white potato showed significant increases. These ranged from last month's records of P80.00 to P110.00 and P38.00 to P55.00, respectively.
  • In Uptown Canlaon City Vegetable Market, Negros Oriental, wholesale buying price per kilogram of carrots increased with insufficient supply and high demand from Iloilo and Negros Oriental.
    At LOM in Negros Oriental, volume of animals traded increased as more raisers disposed their stocks.
  • In Ubojan, Tubigon, Bohol, a community demo farm was established and managed by "Aksyon Ginikanan Alang sa Kabataan" (AGAK). The LUENGO Foundation Inc. (LFI) provided two (2) hectares land. "Feed the Children" gave P5,000.00 for labor and Mater Dei College did the clearing of the area thru NSTP classes. The Ubojan Barangay Council was also involved in the project. The area will be planted with a hectare glutinous banana and a hectare vegetables. Income will go to AGAK (50%), LFI (30%), Ubojan Barangay Council (15%) and Mater Dei College (5%). This is under the supervision of MAO Tubigon.
  • In Sta. Catalina, Negros Oriental, about half hectare of corn OPV 6 variety was planted as Demonstration Farm by the LGU.
  • In Sitio Ihawan, Mantuyong, Mandaue City, the Mandaue City Meat Task Force confiscated three (3) head of illegally slaughtered swine weighing 250 kilograms each at the old slaughterhouse for violating R.A. 9296 of the Meat Inspection Code of the Philippines for not presenting the swine for inspection. Demolition of pig pens in the slaughterhouse is recommended and that all animals for slaughter must be subjected for inspection by the City Veterinarian at the new city abattoir.
  • In Barangay Poblacion, Vallehermoso, Negros Oriental, Municipal AI and Gestating Center amounting to P721,000.00 was completed.
  • In Sibonga, Cebu, Local Government Fishery Enforcement Units and Bantay Dagat Team intensified their drive against illegal fishing. Commercial fishing vessels using dynamite are apprehended and procesuted including those retailers selling fish caught by dynamite.
  • In Bohol, about 2.3 kilograms of vegetable seeds amounting to P3,671.00 was received by both elementary and high schools in Panglao under the Gulayan Sa Paaralan Program from Bohol Agricultural Promotion Center.
  • Still in Bohol, the Provincial Agriculture Office distributed 55 bags of OPV Var 6 to the farmers of Barangays of Anoyon, Taytay, Anonang, Genopolan, Genoveva, Cansibao, Catug-an, Banderahan, Buyog and Poblacion Occidental, Valencia, Bohol.
  • DARFU VII in coordination with the Municipal Agriculture Office of Garcia Hernandez distributed packs of various vegetable seeds to 13 elementary schools and 3 public high schools. This is in line with the Gulayan sa Paaralan Project initiated by the provincial government of Bohol.
  • In Tubigon, Bohol, Barangays Buenos Aires, Libertad and Banlasan were recipients of eight (8) Small Farm Reservoirs (SFR) at P40,000 per unit from the Bureau of Soil and Water Management (BSWM).
  • In Catigbian, Bohol, about 4,520 fruit tree seedlings such as tamarind, guayabano, guava, marang, pomelo, tambis, cacao, santol, star apple and jackfruit dispersed by MAOs were planted by 904 graduating students both from secondary and elementary students.
  • In Bohol, about 1,044 bags at 50 kilograms of agricultural salt as coconut fertilizer were distributed in Catigbian, 300 bags in Sikatuna, 900 bags in Alicia and 1,000 bags in Ubay.
  • In Loon, Bohol, nine (9) Barangays received 2,280 high value and certified fruit tree seedlings under the Fruits for our Future Project. This project is a joint undertaking of the local government unit and the Liga ng mga barangays in response to National Greening Program (NGP).
  • In Cabog and Bogtongbod Clarin, Bohol, heat Synchronization of 58 head of cows was conducted .
  • In Panglao, Bohol, about 22 head of cattle were dispersed by LGU Panglao through the Barangay Livestock Breeding Loan Program. The MAO Panglao also vaccinated anti-rabies to 1,200 head of dogs and conducted artificial inseminated to 115 head of cattle.
  • In Borbon, Cebu, the Office of the Municipal Agriculture conducted a veterinary outreach program wherein 195 head of cattle, carabao and goat were dewormed.
  • In Cebu, the Provincial Agriculture Office distributed vegetable seeds like eggplant, tomato, ampalaya, sweet pepper, pole sitao, bush sitao and okra as part of the governor's project known as "Food Always in the Home" (FAITH).
  • Still in Cebu, the Agricultural Credit and Policy Council (ACPC) granted P200,000.00 each to 25 municipalities for the establishment of "Barangay Bagsakan Market". Barangays with existing bagsakan market were allocated P150,000.00 each for the purchase of equipment facilities and P50,000.00 as capital for agricultural products to be displayed in the market.
  • In Negros Oriental, the Provincial Agriculture Office distributed 200 sacks of palay seeds (NSIC RC 146, NSIC RC 82, RC 18, NSIC and RC 222) to farmer-beneficiaries of Tayasan.
  • In Tayasan, Negros Oriental, some 12 sacks of upland rice were distributed to the farmer beneficiaries and were already planted. Varieties distributed were Dinorado, UPL-RI 1 and Lubang.
  • In Canlaon City, distribution of more than 10 bags of hybrid palay seeds (RC 72H) to interested palay farmers of Canlaon City LGU continued. Other hybrid palay varieties were also available from private sources and openly adopted by local palay farmers.
  • In Barangay Banban, Ayungon, Negros Oriental, more than 6,200 cacao seedlings were released by the DENR Nursery to help rehabilitate the dying cacao industry in the province.
  • In Negros Oriental, concrete paving, repairs and rehabilitation of roads and bridges were in progress.
  • In Tayasan, Negros Oriental, conduct of road mapping on palay, corn, high value commercial crops and livestock was still on-going.
  • In Negros Oriental, PATCO distributed 20 bags of hybrid rice (RC 72 H) of which four (4) bags in Ayungon, ten (10) bags in Canlaon City, six (6) bags in Basay for the wet cropping season. The PATCO also distributed 305 bags (20 kilograms/bag) of upland rice composed of the following varieties: Lubang, Camorus, UPL RI-1, and UPL RI-3. Each farmer beneficiary was given five (5) kilograms as initial seed for planting.
  • In Siquijor, the Provincial Veterinary Office and LGUs conducted their Artificial Insemination (AI) program for cattle and swine to augment local breeds.
  • In Bohol, the Office of the Provincial Veterinary in coordination with MAO Clarin conducted a seminar on Animal Breeding Nutrition and Information Technology (ABNIT) at Cornerstone Building Cantuyoc, Clarin on July 24-25, 2012. It was attended by 16 members of the Cantuyoc Farmers Association who were also recipients of the Holistic Enhance of Livestock Livelihood Organization (HELLO) program. The association also received 5 cows for breeding.
  • In Panaytayon, Tubigon, Bohol , a Climate Field School was on-going every Friday until October and participated in by 40 farmers.
  • A seminar on Updates on Banana Production was conducted by OPA and ATI with MAO Tubigon at JJ's Foodstream in Tubigon, Bohol on July 18-20, 2012. A total of 150 farmers (50 farmers per day) attended said seminar. This is part of the P1M grant from DA RFU VII through APC Bohol (with a counterpart from LGU Tubigon of P140,000.00 of the Livelihood Program on Banana Chips Production. About 14,000 plantlets of glutinous banana (saba) to be planted to 35 hectares was being distributed and 500 tissue cultured banana lakatan to 26 upland barangays.
  • In Danao, Bohol, the MAO conducted Hillside Farming Seminar on July 26-27, 2012 at LGU Danao Training Center, and was attended by 18 farmers.
  • Still in Danao, Bohol, the MAO conducted Orientation on Riceduck Farming at Danao Training Center on July 22, 2012. The orientation was participated in by four (4) cooperators with a total area of three (3) hectares. After the training Philippine Agrarian Reform Foundation for National Development (PARFUND) in collaboration with LGU Danao dispersed 450 ducks to four (4) cooperators/beneficiaries.
  • In Adlawan, Valencia, Bohol, the MAO conducted series of trainings on Banana Production, Cacao and Goat Raising on July 23-27, 2012. Farmers and member of Kaanib Farmers Organization from the Barangays of Adlawan, Canduao and Canlusong attended the said training. After the training 15,000 seedlings of various varieties of banana, 10,000 seedlings of cacao and 25 head of goats were distributed to the participants. These materials came from Congressman Arthur Yap.
  • In Bohol, the PAO facilitated the conduct of Training on Community Organizing - Community Development for Agricultural Enhancement at the Farmers Training Center, BISU, Bilar Campus on July 16-20, 2012. Participants were from Pilar, Sagbayan , Sierra Bullones, and Batuan.
  • DA RFU VII conducted a Regional Agribusiness Summit at Days Hotel in Mandaue City on July 24-27, 2012, participated in by selected Municipal Agriculture Officers and representatives. The said summit focused on the establishment of "Barangay Bagsakan Markets" in order to eliminate middlemen and strengthening market linkages with the LGU. There were 25 bagsakan areas already identified in Cebu.
  • In Barangay Obat, Sta. Catalina, Negros Oriental, training on processing organic fertilizers was conducted. About 12 sacks of vermi cast were used to fertilize an area of 0.10 hectare planted with glutinous corn.
  • The region experienced cloudy and windy weather condition with light to heavy rainfall brought about by low pressure and southwest monsoon. Typhoon Gener affected the region at the end of the reporting period.
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