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Monthly Regional Agricultural Situation Report


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  • Palay seedbed preparation and seed sowing started in Ilocos Norte, particularly, in the eastern municipalities of the province.
  • Terminal harvesting of corn in Pangasinan was noted with an average production per hectare of 5.03 mt. In La Union, 10 hectares were still at vegetative stage and this are expected to be harvested in July, 2011. On the other hand, in Ilocos Norte, planting of corn for the rainy season started. In Ilocos Sur, corn areas were already harvested.
  • Residual harvest for most fruits and vegetables like tomato, eggplant and pepper across provinces was noted. Abundant supply of watermelon in the markets of Ilocos Norte was attributed to increase in area harvested. Moreover, voluntary flowering/blooming of some carabao mango trees was observed in the provinces of La Union and Ilocos Sur.
  • A new poultry dressing plant known as ONYX Dressing Plant was established and started its operation last April 26, 2011 in Magnuang, Batac, Ilocos Norte.
  • In Ilocos Sur, the number of carabao slaughtered in abattoir went down as compared to the report last year of same month due to less inflow from Abra and Cagayan. Slaughtering of cattle and hogs increased as there were more inflows from Pangasinan, Ilocos Norte, Pampanga and Bulacan.
  • Goat raisers in Pangsinan increased because of wide pasture areas in the province. The same was true in Ilocos Sur due to sustained demand for kambingan stalls along the national highway within the province.
  • There was initial harvesting of Vannamei in Gabut Norte, Badoc, Ilocos Norte with an estimated production of 500 kilograms; the bulk of harvest will be in the succeeding months. On the other hand, harvesting of mini payaos that were set-up last April in Bauang, La Union started. Also, setting of new mini Payaos in Agoo, La Union was on-going and these are expected to be harvested in the month of July 2011. In Ilocos Sur and Pangasinan, there was an increase in fishery production in municipal, commercial and aquaculture farms due to more fishing days and fishing efforts of the fishermen.
  • In Ilocos Norte, price of palay increased from P15.50 to P16.00 per kilogram and this was due to higher demand from traders bound to Bulacan. On the contrary, in La Union, price of palay went down from P16.00 to P14.00 per kilogram as some middlemen stopped buying due to abundance of stocks. Prices of palay in Ilocos Sur and Pangasinan remained stable.
  • In Ilocos Norte, price of white corn went down by P 1.50 or from P 14.50 to P 13.00 per kilogram while for yellow corn the prevailing price per kilogram remained at P 11.00. In La Union, price of yellow corn ranged from P 10.00 to P 11.00 per kilogram.
  • Prices of fishery products in La Union returned to normal ranges after the celebration of the Lenten season. In Ilocos Sur, prices remained stable while in Pangasinan these slightly increased due to less supply from the dealers.
  • Prices of vegetables slightly increased particularly tomato, eggplant, stringbeans and amplaya and this was attributed to decreasing supply from local sources in Ilocos Sur, La Union and Pangasinan.
  • Stable prices of inorganic fertilizer were also noted in Ilocos Norte.
  • The Farmers Day celebration was held in the municipalities of Laoag City, Batac City, Paoay and Bacarra in Ilocos Norte. This was highlighted by the exhibit of agricultural products from the different barangays and the "PINAKA" for crops, livestock and fishery products. On the other hand, 23 farmers from Barangay Nancalabasaan, Urdaneta Pangasinan graduated from the Farmers' Field School Program sponsored by the DA-LGU of Urdaneta City. The farmers were able to learn the new technologies in rice production.
  • The occurrence of typhoon Bebeng in the region during the 1st week of May brought moderate rain showers in the provinces of Pangasinan and La Union which benefitted some agricultural crops. However, clear skies in the morning and partly cloudy in the afternoon with hot temperature were generally experienced over the region. Scattered rainshowers were also observed in the eastern municipalities of the region.
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