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Monthly Regional Agricultural Situation Report


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  • A total of 3,250 Giant Cardava (Glutinous Banana) planting materials was dispersed in Pilar, Bohol
  • A total of 1,000 hills of watermelon was harvested in Balilihan, Bohol and 2,500 kilograms in Carmen, Bohol.
  • About 70% of corn farms in the northern part of Cebu were on land preparation for the coming major cropping season.
    About 1,500 hills of eggplant and 1,000 hills of soya beans were planted in Libjo, Tabogon, Cebu. These plants were irrigated using a rotating sprinkle to sustain soil moisture.
  • In Siquijor, about 275.49 hectares of white corn were totally damaged and 33.51 hectares partially damaged. Estimated total losses were placed at 123.69 metric tons valued at P1,608,970.00. For rainfed palay, 3.40 hectares were totally damaged and 10.52 hectares partially damaged. Estimated production loss was 16.82 metric tons valued at P285,940.00. A total of 7.72 hectares of irrigated palay were partially damaged with production losses of 10.07 metric tons valued at P171,190.00.
  • Lingering dry hot weather affected the growth of crops like palay, corn, sugarcane, banana, peanut and other vegetables in Negros Oriental, except those planted with artificial irrigation. Yield is expected to decline in the next harvest season.
  • Massive vaccination against Hemorrhagic Septicemia was undertaken in the different municipalities of Bohol.
  • Five (5) dairy cattle were dispersed in Cantubod, Danao, Bohol from Ubay stock farm.
  • A hog farm was established in Tabogon, Cebu solely for fattening purposes. The stocks of 1,600 piglets came from Bukidnon. While in Dol-dol, Dumanjug, Cebu, a hog farm was permanently closed and disposed all stocks of 1,100 heads.
  • Importation of chicken eggs from Cebu was observed in Siquijor.
  • Temporary stoppage of operation by one commercial swine raiser in the municipality of Lazi, Siquijor was noted due to less available replacement stocks.
  • A total of 213,261 Get Excel tilapia fries were dispersed in the municipalities of Batuan, Ubay, Garcia Hernandez, Trinidad and Alicia in Bohol.
  • In Taytayan, Bogo, Cebu, 15 fisherfolk were recipients of 1,500 sq. meters of estuarine waters with 50 pieces of oyster breeders stocked. This BFAR project is worth P163,500.
  • Premature harvest of tilapia continued in Canlaon City and Ayungon, Negros Oriental due to dwindling water level of ponds. Hatcheries were also affected by the rising water temperature of ponds which affected tilapia breeder stock performance.
  • In Carbon Market, temperate vegetables marked significant increase in wholesale prices this month compared to last month because of scarcity of local supply and less inflow from Mindanao. Carrots, ginger and chayote posted an increase of 36%, 38% and 60%, respectively. While mango (carabao) showed a 10% decrease in wholesale price due to the onset of local harvest and more inflow from Negros Oriental, Bohol and Mindanao provinces.
  • Limited supply of hogs in Negros Oriental resulted in higher price per kilogram ranging from P100-P105 per kilogram liveweight.
  • Inauguration ceremonies of the P30-M infrastructure projects in Mabini, Bohol composed of P22.2-M steel modular bridge, P7-M upgrading of about 1.55 kilometer road and P780,000 worth of school building were conducted.
  • Construction of a village type grain drying processing center in San Vicente Norte, Sagbayan, Bohol and funded by DA-RFU VII was on-going.
  • The LGU of Daanbantayan, Cebu built a wet market with a floor area of 594 sq. meters. The project was drawn from the LGU loan from Land Bank amounting to P 5,288,342.00.
  • The Office of the Provincial Agriculturist of Siquijor procured 272 bags of corn seeds (72 bags Hybrid Corn Yellow(ACM 8000), 100 bags Hybrid Corn White(RJR 8888) and 100 bags OPV Corn White(OPV Var4) including 2,754 bags of fertilizers.
  • The Office of the Provincial Agriculturist in coordination with DA-Asturias, Cebu conducted a refresher course on Farmer Scientist Training Program (FSTP) last April 20-21, 2010 at Poblacion, Asturias. It was a corn-based farming technology seminar with topics on intercropping on mongo and other cash crops. This training course was considered very timely since farmers were preparing for major cropping season after the El Niño phenomenon.
  • BFAR-RFTC in coordination with DA-Asturias, Cebu conducted a two-day management training on tilapia cages. This would enhance fisherfolk's knowledge on tilapia culture and as alternate source of income.
  • The damaging effect of El Niño influenced the OPA and OPV of Cebu to conduct "Damage Assessment and Reporting Systems (DARS)" training in Hotel Asia, Capitol Site, Cebu City on April 26-27, 2010. BAS personnel were tapped to discuss the details of DARS. There were 140 participants consisting of MAOs, DA Program Coordinators, DA regional staff and all staff of OPV and OPA.
  • DA-AMAD conducted a seminar on Agribusiness Concept Activities Familiarization/Coordination Training/Workshop for DA-RFU-VII and provincial counterparts on April 15-16, 2010. BAS personnel were invited to discuss about the concept of PMAS and the Statguide.
  • Hot weather condition prevailed during the reference period resulting in damages to palay, corn and vegetables. However, very occasional cloudy periods occurred with light to moderate rainfall specially on the last week of April.
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