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Monthly Regional Agricultural Situation Report


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  • During the Bohol Day celebration, residents and students in Catigbian planted 4,155 seedlings composed of 660 hybrid coconut, 729 jackfruit, 837 marang, 293 santol, 385 tambis, 265 chico, 246 duhat, 64 rambutan, 528 mangoes and 85 guava.
  • Harvesting of pineapple in Carmen, Bohol estimated at 2,000 kilograms was noted and some of these were displayed in the DA-LGU booth during the Sandugo Agri-Trade Fair.
  • Late planting of palay was observed in Bohol and Siquijor because of late onset of rain.
  • Recovery of crops like sugarcane, banana, coconut and other fruit trees, and good crop growth for corn was observed in Negros Oriental as favorable weather prevailed over the period.
  • About 30 hectares of palay were affected by black bug in Sitio Malapagyao, Danao and Tabangkay of Poblacion, Sta. Catalina in Negros Oriental, resulting in 25% yield reduction of their July and August 2010 harvest.
  • In Getafe, Bohol, 40 head of carabao and 35 head of cattle were vaccinated against Hemorrhagic Septicemia.
  • Construction of poultry farm house for the expansion of the Marcela Broiler Farm in La Hacienda, Alicia, Bohol was on-going.
  • The Marcela Breeder Farm in Bilar, Bohol was stocked and expected to lay eggs early next year.
  • Lesser unloadings of fish catch on both commercial and municipal fish landing centers in Bohol were brought about by rough seas.
  • In Bohol, retail prices of Hawaiian ginger went up as a result of lesser inflow from Mindanao and minimal harvest from local production areas. Likewise, retail prices of carrots, white potato, Cebu gabi, tomato, sweet potato and mango were also in upward trend. Medium-sized carabao mango was sold at P70.00 to P80.00 per kilogram. On the other hand, local products like okra, native pechay, habitchuelas, eggplant, stringbeans and pineapple were sold at lower prices because of abundant harvest.
  • Wholesale selling prices of carabao mango in Cebu increased from P35.00 to P40.00 to P50.00 to P60.00 per kilogram as a result of insufficient local supply and increased demand for export.
  • Vegetables showed significant changes in wholesale selling prices per kilogram at the Carbon Market in Cebu as follows:


This Month

Last Month

1. Baguio beans

P10.00 – P28.00

P22.00 – P30.00

2. Sweet pepper

P60.00 – P90.00

P30.00 – P80.00

3. Eggplant

P12.00 – P17.00

P16.00 – P28.00

4. Tomato

P20.00 – P32.00

P16.00 – P24.00

5. Stringbeans

P15.00 – P30.00

P25.00 – P45.00

  • Baguio beans, eggplant and stringbeans showed cuts in prices due to adequate local supply and more inflow from Mindanao, Negros Oriental and Ormoc City. The increase in prices of sweet pepper and tomato was caused by the insufficient local supply and less inflow form other provinces.
  • In Negros Oriental, more supply of hogs from Mindanao resulted in lower farmgate prices per kilogram ranging from P85.00 to P100.00.
  • Abundant supply of yellow fin tuna, skipjack and bangus from Siaton and Bayawan City in Negros Oriental resulted in lower retail prices per kilogram ranging from P100.00 to P120.00, P60.00 to P80.00 and P80.00 to P100.00, respectively.
  • Prices of duck eggs increased from P5.00 to P5.50 per piece owing to lesser production brought about by less forage areas in Sitio Malapagyao and Daanglungsod of Poblacion, Sta. Catalina in Negros Oriental.
  • Some 350 bags (5kg/bag) of SL8-H, 243 bags (3kg/bag) of TH 82, 7 bags (20kg/bag) of Mestizo 1, 3 bags (20kg/bag) of Mestizo 3 and 29 bags (40kg/bag) of RC 18 were planted in Catigbian, Bohol.
  • In Ubay, Bohol, 637 bags of 50% subsidized certified seeds (RC 18, RC 68, NSIC 152 and NSIC 158) were distributed to farmers.
  • A representative from SL8 Agri-Technology delivered 20 packs of SL8-H in Garcia Hernandez, Bohol. Also, DA-LGU of this town procured 200 bags of certified seeds (NSIC 158 and NSIC 154) in San Isidro, Pilar.
  • A total of 1,500 bags of certified seeds (NSIC 158, NSIC 154 and RC 18) under the 50/50 scheme was availed of farmers in Pilar, Bohol. Also, 100 cacao seedlings and 1,200 coconut seedlings were delivered in DA-LGU of Pilar for distribution to interested Bohol Association of Farmers and Fisherfolk (BAFF) members.
  • This year's two-week Sandugo Agri-Technology Fair in Bohol showcased eco-cultural production presentations, landscaping demonstration, urban gardening technology and agri-based processed food products. Agri-related workshops, seminars and techno-demo were also conducted.
  • DA RFU VII distributed "pinakbet" and HVCC seeds to vegetable farmers in Cebu in support to the "Programa ng Gulayan ng Masa and Cross Commodity Program." HVCC seeds like bell pepper, lettuce, cauliflower and broccoli were distributed.
    In Cebu, 58 bags of inbred variety of rice (PSBRC68 and NSIC158) were diributed in Pinamungajan, Naga and Argao; 22 bags of hybrid seeds (M7 and SL8 in Naga, San Francisco, Balamban, Toldeo City and Argao; and 16 bags of registered seeds (PSBRC 18) in Asturias and Cebu City.
  • In support to GMA-HVCC Program, six (6) greenhouses amounting to P220,000.00 per unit were completely installed in the municipalities of Asturias, Danao, Minglanilla, San Francisco, Cebu City and San Fernando in Cebu.
    Drip irrigation which cost P24,980.00 per unit was 95% installed in the above-mentioned municipalities.
  • About 180 bags of palay NSIC RC 120 and 55 bags of OPV corn white were distributed to 195 palay farmers and 150 corn farmers of the different barangays in the municipality of Sta. Catalina, Negros Oriental.
  • Establishment of the Government Agricultural Development Center (GADCENT) in Bajumpandan was almost completed while that of Cadawinonan, Dumaguete City was newly constructed.
  • Greenhouses for vegetables in barangays Junob and Bajumpandan, Dumaguete City were established.
  • Rain shelter, a facility for vegetable production (specifically for seed germination) was installed in the following sites: Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (Larena), Siquijor Provincial Jail, barangay Parian (Enrique Villanueva) and Lazi National Agricultural School. This project was financed by DA-Central Office amounting to P45,000.00.
  • Hog raising seminar sponsored by NATTCO-Network/BFMPC, Robina Agri Partner UNO Feeds and GTC was conducted in Abucay Sur, Sikatuna, Bohol on July 21, 2010. It was attended by 25 hog growers. The same seminar was conducted in Dao, Tagbilaran City.
  • BFAR and DA-LGU in Getafe, Bohol sponsored the Skills Training and Maintenance of Drift Gill Net conducted in Pandanon, Getafe on July 6-8, 2010 with 15 fisherfolk participating.
  • Livestock Division in Region VII conducted a series of seminar at Camp Lapu-lapu, Lahug, Cebu City to 31 personnel of the 3rd Infantry Division of the Philippine Army and four (4) civilian employees on the following schedules: July 8, 2010- Forage and Pasture Seminar; July 6-7 - Cattle Fattening Production Seminar; and July 14-15, 2010 - Native Chicken, Duck and Quail Raising Seminar.
  • BFAR ad the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) in collaboration with DA-LGU conducted a 3-day training/seminar on siganid culture (marine fish pen) on July 14-16, 2010 to seven (7) prisoners in Bogo, Cebu. BFAR funded P157,079.00 for the gadgets while BJMP shouldered the expenses on food and training venue.
  • DA-RFU VII held a Press Conference on "Army Worm Infestation in Central Visayas" on July 29, 2010 at the DA Regional Compound in Subangdako, Mandaue City. Briefing with the Local Chief Executives, Barangay Officials and most especially the farmers was done. The pest biology behavior and control were emphasized. Damage assessment and validation were also made as well as provision and supervision of insecticide sprays to eliminate the pest thereby preventing economic losses of the affected crops.
  • Briefing of some selected farmers on coffee planting in La Libertad, Negros Oriental was done at the ABC session hall attended by 20 recipients.
  • DARS training was done in two (2) batches, July 6-7, 2010 and July 13-14, 2010 at the Maria Luisa Suites Inn with 45 participants on the first batch and 47 participants on the second batch. MAOs and Report Officers in different municipalities were the participants of the said training. The trainor was from BAS in coordination with the Provincial Agriculture Office and funded by PATCO, Dumaguete City.
  • Frequent occurrence of moderate to heavy rainfall was experienced throughout the region during the period.
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