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This glossary contains many of the terms you will find in the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics websites. You can view the different definitions by domain using the drop down menu. Or, you can search for a specific term in the Glossary by typing the term in the text box and then click the Search button.

- young cattle of either sex under one year of age.
- the act of giving birth in cattle and in buffaloes.
Calving Interval
- the period between 2 successive calvings measured in calendar days or months.
Canned Meat
- fresh or prepared meat packed in sealed containers with or without subsequent heating for the purpose of sterilization.
- the preservation of meat in hermetically sealed containers.
- removal of testes in poultry.
- see Buffalo on page
- the meat of carabao
- sexually mature uncastrated male carabao kept for breeding.
- male or female carabao under one year of age.
- the act giving birth in carabaos.
- sexually mature female carabao that has given birth.
- sexually mature female carabao that has not yet given birth.
- nutrients present in most plants feeds that supply energy to animals.
- the fresh / meat of any slaughtered animal after the bleeding and dressing with the removal of offal in the body.
Carcass Weight
- weight of the slaughtered animal (such as cow, pig, and the like) after the removal of offals.
- general term for the members of the Bovidae family, wil (Bibos spp.) or domestic (Bos spp.). Domestic cattle has two species: Bos taurus pr European breeds and Bos indicus or Zebu breeds or oriental domestic cattle.
- the meat of goat.
- a domestic poultry (genus Gallus) raised for meat, eggs and other by-products.
- a male fowl at least one year old.
- a male fowl less than one year old.
Colostrum (also, First Milk)
- milk produced during the first few days of lactation after giving birth that contains maternal antibodies.
- a young male from weaning to three years of age. In thoroughbreds, the age is extended to include four-year olds.
Commercial Farm
- refers to any farm which satisfies at least one of the following conditions: 1. Livestock: a) at least 21 head of adults and zero young b) at least 41 head of young animals c) at least 10 head of adults and 22 head of young; 2. Poultry: a) 500 layers or 1,000 broilers b) 100 layers and 100 broilers if raised in combination c) 100 head of duck regardless of age
- any feed low (under 18%) in crude fiber and high (above 60%) in total digestable nutrients (TDN) on air-dry basis.
Contract Growers
- entities/individuals engaged in caring for animal based on an agreement with a contracting party (company or individual). The contract grower provides housing, labor and other necessities for the proper rearing of the aforementioned animals.
- sexually mature female cattle that has given birth.
Crossbreed (also, Crossbred)
- animal born as a result fo breeding unrelated animals coming from two or more different purebred animals.
Crude Protein
- includes the true proteins and all other nitrogenous compounds in feeds.
Culling / Culled
- undesirable animals eliminated from the herd or flock, usually unproductive breeders.
Culling Rate
- the number of culls over the total number in the herd or flock multiplied by 100.