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BAS Media Service: Price Situationer

Uptrend in Tomato Prices in Metro Markets

Period Covered: May 02- 10, 2012


Prices of tomato at bulk and retail trade showed an uptrend over the week. There were no more deliveries from Pangasinan and other producing areas in Luzon. Tomatoes  in Metro markets came from the provinces of Laguna, Nueva Ecija and Misamis Oriental.    Last week’s wholesale price of P27 per kilogram went up to P35 this week. 
Similarly, retailers asked for an additional P10 per kilogram from the P40 price tag last week.

The same price movement was noted for red onion. Its price went up by P10 per kilogram at both trade levels. Onions traded in Metro wet markets were sourced from Divisoria warehouses.

Low supply of white onion was also noted at different markets surveyed during the reference week.

Meanwhile, prices of all other indicator vegetables stood firm at last week’s levels.    

Supply of marine fish species was sufficient and this made prices stable except for roundscad which asking price of P100 per kilogram last week rose to P120 this week.   The volume of medium-sized roundscads traded at retail counters was noticeably lower compared to previous week’s level.
The fruit market remained well supplied  by both locally grown and imported fruits but retailers said that trading has been sluggish.

Prices of basic food items were generally stable this week.

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