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BAS Media Service: Price Situationer

Metro Manila Markets Well Supplied With Basic Food Items

Period Covered: August 03 - 11 , 2011

Stable prices were noted for rice, meat products, sugar and cooking oil in the Metro Manila markets.commodityThere was adequate supply of commercial rice. Prevailing prices of well-milled and regular-milled rice at retail trading were kept at P35 and P30 per kilogram, respectively. At retail, dressed chicken continued to sell at P130 per kilogram; pork belly (liempo) at P180 per kilogram and beef rump (tapadera) at P260 per kilogram.

Vegetables exhibited mixed price trends. The decrease in deliveries of the indicator items, cabbage and habitchuelas coming from traditional sources prompted prices at both trade levels to increase over the week. Both vegetables posted a 50 percent increment at bulk sale while a 20 percent price increase was registered at retail outlets.

Bitter gourd (ampalaya) and pechay native were also more expensive this week. Retail prices of both commodities went up by P10 per kilogram.

On the other hand, tomato and calamansi which supply improved over the week, recorded price discounts of 17 and 28 percent from last week's levels of P60 and P70 per kilogram.

commodityAt the fishery section, wide choices of marine species were made available to consumers. Prices of indicator fish species were fixed at last week's levels except for tilapia and threadfin breams (bisugo) which were reportedly cheaper. Last week's P90 per kilogram selling price of tilapia dropped to P80 this week while price of bisugo was off by P30 per kilogram.


Prices of bottled cooking oil remained at previous week's levels; those in long neck bottles sold at P70, while those in "lapad" bottles were sold at P10.


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