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Performance of Philippine Agriculture

January-December 2013

Agriculture posted a 1.15 percent growth in 2013. All subsectors registered output gains although increase in crop production was minimal. The livestock, poultry and fisheries subsectors contributed to the improved performance of the sector in 2013. At current prices, gross output in agriculture was valued at P1.5 trillion, representing a 3.51 percent increase from the 2012 earnings.

Production in the crops subsector inched up by 0.09 percent. Crops shared 51.05 percent in the total agricultural output. Production of palay grew by 2.26 percent while that of corn declined by 0.40 percent. Higher outputs were recorded for tobacco, onion, mango and cassava. Lower output levels were noted among coconut, sugarcane, banana, coffee, abaca, peanut and calamansi. The subsector grossed P814.7 billion at current prices. This was 2.13 percent higher than last year’s record.

The livestock subsector recorded a 1.75 percent gain in production. It accounted for 16.23 percent of the total agricultural output. Hog and cattle production grew by 1.95 percent and 1.76 percent, respectively. Dairy output was 5.47 percent higher this year. At current prices, gross receipts from the subsector amounted to P233.2 billion or 8.82 percent more than last year’s level.

The poultry subsector produced 4.20 percent more output this year. It shared 14.76 percent in the total agricultural production. All components recorded output increases. Chicken was the major source of growth with 5.01 percent gain during the year. The subsector’s gross value of output at current prices was P174.2 billion, up by 4.31percent from the year ago record.

The fisheries subsector recovered from last year’s setback and produced 1.23 percent more output this year. The subsector contributed 17.96 percent to total agricultural output. Roundscad production grew by 17.03 percent. Production increases of 3.18 percent to 3.70 percent were noted for milkfish, tilapia and yellowfin tuna. At current prices, the subsector grossed P239.1 billion. This represented an increase of 2.78 percent from last year’s earnings.

On the average, farmgate prices went up by 2.33 percent during the reference period. The crops subsector registered an average price gain of 2.04 percent. The livestock subsector had higher average price increment of 6.94 percent. Prices in the poultry subsector inched up by an average of 0.10 percent. In the fisheries subsector, prices grew by an average of 1.53 percent.