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Performance of Philippine Agriculture

January-March 2015

Agriculture grew by 1.78 percent in the first quarter of 2015. Improved performances were noted in the crops, livestock and poultry subsectors, but the fisheries subsector posted a decline during the period. At current prices, agriculture grossed P380.1 billion, lower by 1.65 percent than last year's record.

The first quarter of 2015 saw the crops subsector expanding by 1.65 percent. It shared 54.30 percent in total agricultural production. Palay and corn production increased by 1.41 percent and 3.97 percent, respectively. Output gains were registered by banana, cassava, garlic and onion. The total gross value of crop production amounted to P218.5 billion at current prices. This was 3.26 percent lower compared to last year's level.

The livestock subsector which accounted for 15.66 percent of the total agricultural output grew by 3.23 percent during the first quarter of 2015. Except for goat, all components of the subsector registered output increments. At current prices, the subsector grossed P59.2 billion, or 3.10 percent higher than the 2014 gross earnings.

The poultry subsector came up with a 5.42 percent increase in output. It shared 14.98 percent in the total agricultural production. In the first quarter of the year, all components, chicken and duck meat and eggs, contributed to the subsector's positive performance during the period. At current prices, the subsector grossed P47.5 billion, representing a 4.69 percent increment over last year’s record.

The fisheries subsector which contributed 15.06 percent to the total agricultural production posted a 2.57 percent decline in output The major contributors to the negative growth were roundscad and skipjack with production losses of 19.45 percent and 7.03 percent, respectively. However, production gains were recorded by tiger prawn at 1.85 percent and yellowfin tuna at 11.76 percent. The subsector's gross output was valued at P54.9 billion or 5.04 percent lower than last year's earnings.

On the average, farmgate prices were lower by 3.37 percent from the 2014 records. All subsectors registered price decreases; these averaged 4.84 percent for crops, 0.12 percent for livestock, 0.69 percent for poultry and 2.54 percent for fisheries.