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Ample Supply of Food Items in Metro Markets
Metro markets were amply supplied with fresh produce from traditional sources. This supply level allowed prices to be either s...
September 12, 2014
Monthly Regional Agricultural Situation Report
Includes information on crops, livestock and poultry, fisheries and prices and market supply situation and outlook all over the country.
August, 2014
Latest Reports (available to members)
Monthly Rice and Corn Stocks Inventory, August 2014
Total rice stock inventory was 1.72 million metric tons
September 10, 2014
Fisheries Situationer, April-June 2014
Total value of fisheries production posted a 0.75 percent decrease this quarter compared with last year's performance
September 3, 2014
Major Non-Food and Industrial Crops Quarterly Bulletin, April-June 2014
Provides updates on production of major non-food and industrial crops, namely, abaca, coconut, coffee, rubber, sugarcane, and tobacco
August 28, 2014
Major Fruit Crops Quarterly Bulletin, April-June 2014
Provides updates on production, area and bearing trees statistics of four (4) major fruits, namely, banana, mango, pineapple and calamansi
August 28, 2014
Major Vegetables and Rootcrops Quarterly Bulletin, April-June 2014
Provides updates on basic production data on major vegetables and root crops, namely, mongo, peanut, cabbage, eggplant, tomato, garlic, onion, sweet potato and cassava
August 28, 2014
Agricultural Indicators System: Output and Productivity, 2014
Provides information on the information on the productivity of the different components of agriculture sector such as crops, livestock and poultry and fisheries
August 20, 2014
Seasonally Adjusted Palay/ Rice Production and Prices, April-June 2014
Features the deseasonalized or seasonally adjusted rice production and price data series from first quarter of 2008 to second quarter of 2014 using X-11 ARIMA
August 20, 2014
Rice and Corn Situation and Outlook, July 2014
The January to June 2014 palay and corn production surpassed their respective 2013 levels by 4.8% and 4.7%
August 15, 2014
Upcoming releases...
Sep. 23, 2014
Updates on Palay, Rice and Corn Prices , Week 37
Sep. 30, 2014
Major Crops of the Philippines - Provincial, 2008-2013, Jan-Dec 2013
Sep. 30, 2014
Agricultural Foreign Trade Development, Jan-Dec 2013
Sep. 30, 2014
Updates on Palay, Rice and Corn Prices , Week 38
Sep. 30, 2014
The Philippine Agricultural Economy, Jan-Jun 2014
Sep. 30, 2014
Trends in Agricultural Wage Rates, Jan-Dec 2013
Oct. 07, 2014
Updates on Palay, Rice and Corn Prices , Week 39/Sep 2014
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